Gerry, Bored Ape #8102
Hey my friend. I'm Gerry, Ape #8102 of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Click to continue...
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In 2037, the world as we know it, ended.

Mint Yachts Play Missions

The Game

Join weekly missions for free* by building fire teams based on the tokens you already own - 110+ collections integrated!

Earn rewards

Your participation in each mission is rewarded!
  • Allocation points (PTS): your share in our in-game currency airdrop
  • Experience points (XP): all your combatants can level up and get stronger
  • Automatically participate in raffles to win NFTs & free mints
*except Mission 1-3 which are early-access for The 8102: Yacht holders
The 8102 Briefing

Learn about the story via mission briefings

The 8102 Squad Builder

Build your fire teams with 100+ collections

The 8102 Share screen

Get amazing fire team overviews to share on social media

The 8102 Share screen

Level up your combatants to increase combat power




Founder, Tech, Story & Game Design

Co-Founder & Tech Lead of startup, Senior Full-Stack Developer



Art, Business Development

BCG consultant, Founder & Managing Director of tech startup, COO at eCommerce startup



Smart Contract, Backend & API Development

Co-Founder & Tech Lead of startup, Senior Backend Developer




Illustrator, Game Designer, Concept Artist




Gaming, Monetization, User Acquisition



We are part of Zeneca's 333 Club through which he is offering advice

Tony | KingInTheCastle.eth

Tony | KingInTheCastle.eth

Community Advisor

Military Power

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master."

— Christian Lous Lange

T-LAW blueprint

To be honest, we really got hit hard on this one and this might as well be the end of us all. But we wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for the brilliance, dedication and determination of a few.

We promise you, we are not done yet because Gerry found a way to fight back... Find out more »

The 8102 Burning City


"Logistics comprises the means and arrangements which work out the plans of strategy and tactics. Strategy decides where to act; logistics brings the troops to this point."

— Antoine-Henri Jomini

Slowly the shock of everything that happened is wearing off. We have to pull it together and start thinking about the future. Great challenges lie ahead of us: we have to secure our base, construct buildings and outposts, and set up supply routes to move resources and troops.

But this will require a lot of helping hands… Find out more »

The 8102 Special Place


"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

— Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Comic #0 Logo

It was clear from the beginning that the aggressor had to be deeply familiar with human civilization: the way the first strike was executed and - I’m almost inclined to call it - “promoted” all over the globe via social media networks, the targets that were hit in the aftermath, the timing and precision of those strikes, and how the attackers actually looked like…

A foreign country? Impossible. Aliens? Highly unlikely. That leaves only one scenario... Find out more »


July 2021

The Order of the Golden Yacht Launch

OGY Badge free minting period started.

September 2021

The 8102: Yachts Launch

Minting for 3,000 The 8102: Yachts priced at 0.025 ETH started.

January 2022

The 8102: Comic #0 Airdrop & start of public sale

The 8102: Comic #0 airdropped to The 8102: Yacht holders (1 per yacht).
The remaining comics can be minted for 0.2 ETH per comic.

February 26, 2022

The 8102: Regatta

The 8102: Yacht owners can participate in regattas to win prizes. A regatta is a multi-day event consisting of multiple races around the globe.

March 13, 2022

Ape Harbour Yacht Regatta

Holders of Ape Harbour NFTs can participate in a regatta - a multi-day event consisting of multiple races from Ape Harbour to Everglades Ape Park.

April 26, 2022

The 8102: Regatta #2

Regatta #2 introduces a thrilling 1-on-1 elimination mode for all The 8102: Yacht holders. After a qualification phase, 256 remaining yachts compete in head-to-head races until we have a winner!

August 25, 2022

The 8102: Regatta #3

Regatta #3 is another multi-day racing event for The 8102: Yacht holders featuring a qualification phase and 1-on-1 elimination finals.

December 10, 2022

The 8102: Regatta #4

Regatta #4 is the grand return of the initial regatta racing mode with all The 8102: Yachts participating in 14 daily races!

August 31, 2023

The 8102: Demo Missions

The 8102: Yacht owners and holders of supported projects can create fire teams and send them on two demo missions!

September 14, 2023

The 8102: Gear Blueprints

Participants of The 8102: Demo Mission 2 can claim 3 The 8102: Gear Blueprints. 3 additional blueprints were airdropped to participants of Demo Mission 1.

November 15, 2023

The 8102: Gear Items

Holders of The 8102: Gear Blueprints can burn blueprints for The 8102: Gear Items.

November 22, 2023 - Apr 10, 2024

The 8102: Prologue

The 8102: Yacht owners and holders of supported projects can create fire teams and send them on 15 weekly missions (18 for The 8102: Yacht holders).

Apr 10, 2023

The 8102: Loot Chests

Minting of The 8102: Loot Chests starts. Participants can claim 1x Loot Chest for free.

June 26, 2024 - ?

Regattas & more...

Participate in fun activities such as regattas to win ETH & NFT prizes and collect additional points.

The 8102: Genesis Blueprint

Minting of The 8102: Genesis Blueprints priced at 0.08 ETH starts.

The 8102: T-LAWs

Burn The 8102: Genesis Blueprints to receive The 8102: T-LAWs.

In-Game Currency Launch

Participants of The 8102: Prologue can convert their allocation points to our in-game currency.

The 8102: Loot Chests open

Loot Chests open and reveal their contents

The 8102: Chapter I

The 8102: Yacht owners and holders of supported projects can create fire teams and send them on missions.

The 8102: Dockyard

The 8102: Yacht owners can head to The Order's secret island and use the dockyard in order to upgrade their yachts.

The 8102: Founders Token

Burn The 8102: Comic #0 to receive The 8102: Founders Token.

The 8102 Game

Owners of The 8102: Yachts, The 8102: T-LAWs, and supported projects can dive into adventures far beyond Chapter I.



What is The 8102?

The 8102 is a browser-based squad-building game with weekly missions that has integrated over 100 collections. A squad (also referred to as fire team) consists of 1 vehicle (The 8102: Yachts), and up to 3 combatants (PFP collections) that can be enhanced with 1 gear item each (The 8102: Gear Items, 10KTF, and more).

What is the minimum requirement to play?

With the exception of missions exclusively for The 8102: Yacht holders, the minimum requirement is either 1 The 8102: Yacht OR 1 of the supported PFP collections.

How do I play The 8102?

Go to our game website and select the currently active mission.

After connecting your wallet you will get an overview of all supported collections. Check the ones you own and want to use to play. If you want to change your selection later, you can always access the list by clicking the collection filter icon.

Sign-in with your wallet - this does not cost gas and does not trigger a transaction.

Build your fire team by clicking the vehicle, combatant or gear slot. Deploy the team once you're done.

Is this safe? Do you support wallet delegation?

Yes - we support and We strongly encourage you to use those services and not to play with wallets holding the actual tokens.

Is it better to have 1 strong fire team or multiple weaker teams?

There's no difference between the two approaches.

It is beneficial to deploy as much combat power as possible - even a team with just a yacht collects allocation points.

What are the rewards for playing?

For each mission you receive allocation points (PTS) that indicate your share in our in-game currency. In addition to that all players automatically participate in raffles for NFTs and free mints.

How to I get more allocation points?

The amount of allocation points is dependent on the combat power of a fire team and the amount of fire teams you deploy per mission. Higher combat power and more teams = more points.

What is combat power?

Combat power is an indicator how strong a fire team is - each token has a combat power assigned to it.

What is the combat power of The 8102: Yachts?

Combat power of The 8102: Yachts is defined by its type and the origin genesis trait of the token.

- Yacht: 37
- Sailing Yacht: 55
- Catamaran: 55
- Superyacht: 97
- Megayacht: 233

The bonus for Genesis trait is +15 combat power.

What is the Genesis Trait / a Genesis Yacht?

As a reward for early supporters, all yachts with a token id of 1760 and lower have an Origin trait with the value "Genesis".

What is the combat power of The 8102: Gear Items

Combat power of The 8102: Gear Items is defined by its type (base combat power) and rarity (multiplier).

- Pistol: 52
- Machine Gun: 58
- Assault Rifle: 62
- Flame Thrower: 65
- Sniper Rifle: 76
- Katana: 58
- Morning Star: 62
- Axe: 65
- Hammer: 76
- Grenade: 65
- Rocket Launcher: 82
- Backpack: 44
- Boots: 52
- Helmet: 58

The base combat power is multiplied as follows:

- Common: x1
- Rare: x4
- Epic: x8
- Legendary: x12

Example: A rare Sniper Rifle has a combat power of 76 x 4 = 304

What is the combat power of OGY Badges, The 333 Club and 10KTF items?

The combat power of the other integrated collections:

- OGY Badges: 225
- The 333 Club: 333
- 10KTF GTag: 30

For 10KTF & 10KTF Combat Gear we follow the calculation:

- Snapback: 18
- Five Panel: 18
- Daypack: 27
- Comfy Hoodie: 21
- Cat Ear Hoodie: 21
- Socks: 15
- Crew Socks: 15
- High Tops: 44
- Sock Full of Doorknobs: 35
- Combat Helmet: 27
- Pilot Helmet: 33
- Kevlar Vest: 31
- Combat Boots: 65
- Deadly FO(a)MO Sword: 52
- Flamethrower: 76

The base combat power is multiplied as follows:

- Common: x1
- Rare: x4
- Epic: x8

What is the combat power of my combatants (PFPs)?

Combatants (PFPs) have a base combat power of 40 combat power. But with each mission combatants collect experience points (XP), and if they level up, their combat power increases by 5.

A combatant on Level 3 has a combat power of 40 + (3 * 5) = 55
A combatant on Level 10 has a combat power of 40 + (10 * 5) = 90

Is there a difference between PFP collections?

No. All collections have the same combat power and collect the same amount of experience points (XP) per mission.

Which collections are supported?

- The 8102: Yachts

- 10KTF
- 10KTF Combat Gear
- OGY Badge
- The 333 Club
- The 8102: Gear Items

- 0N1 Force
- 10KTF - The Grailed
- 10KTF Gucci Grail
- 90s Babes NFT | BABE
- Agent1
- a KID called BEAST
- alien frens
- Alien Frens Evolution
- Always Tired Official
- Anata
- Angry Dynomites Lab - Fire Dynos
- Angry Dynomites Lab - Water Dynos
- Apostles: Genesis
- Avastars
- Azuki
- Azuki Elementals
- Azurian
- B3L B3asts
- Beanbag Frens
- BEANZ Official
- BearsOnTheBlock
- Bored Ape Kennel Club
- Bored Ape Yacht Club
- Boss Beauties
- Brawler Bearz
- Bulls and Apes Project - Apes
- Bulls and Apes Project - Genesis
- Bulls and Apes Project - Teen Bulls
- BullsOnTheBlock
- BullsOnTheBlock Evo
- Caged Fat Rats
- Camels 3D
- CamelsNFT
- Casual Sloths
- Champions Ascension - Elemental Eternal
- Champions Ascension - Prime Eternal
- Chibi Apes
- Chibi Galaxy
- Chibi Genesis
- Chimpers
- Chimpers Training
- Chubbicorns
- Chubbiverse Frens
- Citizens of Bulliever Island
- Cool Cats
- Creepz by OVERLORD
- CrypToadz
- Crypto Bull Society
- Cryptomasks
- CryptoPunks
- CyberBrokers
- Cyber Hornets Animus
- Cyber Hornets Colony Club
- CyberKongz
- Deadfellaz
- Deadfrenz
- DeGods
- Denizens of ZenAcademy
- Doge Club (DOGC)
- Doodles
- Dr. ETHvil's 3D FrankenPunks
- EIPandas
- Encryptas
- ENS Maxis
- Ether Avatar
- EVMavericks
- Fame Lady Society
- Fat Rat Mafia
- FishBallerz
- Fluf World
- FrankenDAO Staked Frankens
- Galactic Apes
- Genuine Undead
- Ghost Lab Collection
- God Hates NFTees
- Goons of Balatroon
- Grifters by XCOPY
- Gutter Cat Gang
- Gutter Clones
- Gutter Dogs
- Gutter Pigeons
- Gutter Rats
- Hen House
- HMN5
- InfiniGods - The Elder Gods
- Inhabitants: DOTs
- Inhabitants: Generative Identities
- Kaiju Kingz
- KillaCubs
- Killer GF
- Kitaro World
- Kitbash Boogers
- Kodamara
- Kryptoria - Alpha Citizens
- Kubz
- Lab Rats
- Lazy Lions
- Less Than Three
- Lil Pudgys
- m00m world | genesis
- Mad Meerkat Burrow
- Master Cats
- Meebits
- MegaForce Sentinels
- MetaMuffins Genesis
- MightyLabs Pioneers
- Mocaverse
- Momoguro: Holoself
- Moonbirds
- Moonbirds: Mythics
- Moonbirds Oddities
- MPL Official
- Muskers
- Mutant Ape Yacht Club
- Mutant Hounds
- My Pet Hooligan
- Nakamigos
- Nanoz Universe
- Netizens
- Netizens (Migrated)
- Nippy: Magnet for Mischief
- Ohayo
- Otherside Koda
- Otherside Mara
- Persona
- Pirate Nation - Founder's Pirates
- Pirates of the Metaverse
- Pixel Vault Core
- Pudgy Penguins
- Punch Boyz
- PXN: Ghost Division
- Quirkies Originals
- Quirklings
- Rare Apepes
- Rosentica: Starfall Travelers
- Rufus: Master of Disguise
- Rumble Kong League
- Sappy Seals
- Sarugami
- Saved Souls
- Shellz Orb
- SmallBrosNFT
- Soundscape Avatars by SAN SOUND
- Space Riders NFT
- Space Riders Special Editions
- Space Riders X
- Staked Sappy Seals
- Star Wolves Genesis
- Star Wolvez Generative
- Strange Connections NFT
- Sugartown Oras
- Superlotl by Inkbox
- Super Yeti
- Swamp Souls
- The 8.1: Ruth
- The 8.1: Sunny
- The 8.1: Vinnie
- The Alien Boy
- The Ant Republic
- The Buds Genesis
- The Captainz
- The Fractured
- The Lizard Lab
- The Plague NFT
- The Sad Times NFT
- The Sevens - Genesis
- The Soldiers Of The Metaverse
- The Uncanny Country Club
- Timeless Characters
- tiny dinos (eth)
- tiny dinos: halloween 2022 (eth)
- tiny dinos: summer 2022 (eth)
- tiny dinos: winter 2022 (eth)
- TipsyVerse: Genesis Penguins
- Tokyo Rebels
- Torque Squad
- Toy Boogers
- Trippies
- Tycoon Tigers Club
- uwucrew
- Valeria Champions
- Visions of the Void
- Waifu Warriors
- We All Survived Death
- We Are Eternal Spirits
- Wolf Game
- Wolf Game - Farmer
- World of Women
- y00ts
- Year of the Woman
- z00tz Anchor Club
- Zodiacmasks

Our Collections

What are The 8102: Yachts?

The 8102: Yachts are 3,000 yachts (ERC-721 token) based on the 5 types: Yacht, Sailing Yacht, Catamaran, Superyacht and Megayacht. All of them will be utilized in The 8102 game as a means of transportation. Holders of yachts can also participate in regattas to win prizes.

When and where can I mint The 8102: Yachts?

Minting is open here.

What is the price for 1 The 8102: Yacht?

0.025 ETH

What is a regatta?

A regatta is an idle game that consists of multiple races. Holders of yachts can register for a regatta once and will automatically participate in all races. Races can either be in regatta or elimination mode. In regatta mode split times are added up resulting in a ranking. In elimination mode players participate in 1-on-1 races in which the winner moves on to the next round.

When will the next regatta take place?

You can find details of previous regattas as well as the registration of an upcoming regatta here. We also suggest following us on Twitter, joining our discord and signing up for our newsletter in order to stay updated.

How many Megayachts are there?

There are 14 Megayachts, 81 Superyachts, 815 Catamaran, 888 Sailing Yachts and 1,202 Yachts.

What are The 8102: Gear Blueprints?

The 8102: Gear Blueprints were a reward for everyone participating in our demo missions in September 2023. They can be burned to redeem The 8102: Gear Items.

If I participated, how many did I get?

3 The 8102: Gear Blueprints were airdropped to all wallets that participated in Demo Mission I.

3 The 8102: Gear Blueprints can be claimed by all wallets that participated in Demo Mission II.

How many blueprints / gear items are there?

Max supply is 812.

Where can I claim my The 8102: Gear Blueprints?

You can claim them here.

Where can I burn blueprints for The 8102: Gear Items?

You can burn blueprints to redeem gear items here.

What is The 8102: Comic #0?

The 8102: Comic #0 are 3,000 ERC-1155 tokens representing our first comic. Subtitled "First Strike" it depicts the initial attack of the T-LAWs. The comic can be downloaded here (PDF, 17.5 MB). 1,492 Comic #0 tokens were airdropped to The 8102: Yacht holders. The remaining comics can be minted here.

What is the price of 1 The 8102: Comic #0?

0.2 ETH

What is the benefit of holding The 8102: Comic #0?

Holders will receive future story content expansions such as comics, in-game stories, artworks and other forms of media. They will also be able to burn Comic #0 for Guild Founders' Tokens.

What is a Guild Founder's Token?

A Guild Founder's Token marks the membership in one of our four in-game guilds. Each guild will be able to build a unique building that unlocks a central function of the game for all players. A usage fee will be collected and distributed to all members of a guild based on their share. You can find more about our guilds here.

When and where can I mint The 8102: Comic #0?

Minting is open here.

What are The 8102: Genesis Blueprints?

The 8102: Genesis Blueprints are mintpasses that can be burned to receive The 8102: T-LAWs.

What are The 8102: T-LAWs?

The 8102: T-LAWs are 8,102 combatants (ERC-721 token) that will be used in The 8102 game as the main fighting force. Stay tuned for more details soon.

What does T-LAW stand for?

Tarantula (Class) - Lethal Autonomous Weapon. T-LAWs were revealed in The 8102: Comic #0 and are self-sufficient robots that are built in the image of tarantulas.

What is the price for 1 The 8102: Genesis Blueprint?

0.08 ETH

When and where can I mint The 8102: Genesis Blueprints?

Minting will open soon here.

When can I burn my Genesis Blueprint for a T-LAW?

Burning will become available closer to the launch of the alpha version of The 8102 game. Stay tuned.