Tommy in the Mysterious Jungle Outpost
In 2023, The Order organized a comprehensive set of demanding training exercises.

These drills had one clear goal: to prepare everyone for the challenges and disasters that might come their way. As they participated in these exercises, the teams learned to work together and support each other, building a stronger bond and a shared commitment to being ready for whatever the future might bring.

Capping off their intensive training, The Order threw a memorable party aboard Gerry's Megayacht.

As the night waned, Tommy, fueled by the festivities, decided to take a moonlit stroll along the beach. It was during this leisurely walk that he made an astonishing discovery: a hidden outpost lurking in the shadows, filled with intriguing sealed crates, and the promise of adventure.

The next morning, Tommy couldn't resist sharing his thrilling find. Fuelled by curiosity and the allure of potential treasure, he led teams back to the hidden outpost strewn with sealed crates...
Unbeknownst to them, this discovery was by design: Gerry and The Order, had arranged it as a token of appreciation for the teams' unwavering dedication and hard work during their training drills.

Claim The 8102: Gear Blueprints

The 8102: Gear Blueprint In total, 812 The 8102: Gear Blueprints can be minted.

Participants of Demo Mission II: Mysterious Jungle Outpost can mint 3 blueprints.

Participants of Demo Mission: The Drill have been airdropped 3 blueprints.

The 8102: Gear Blueprints can be burned to receive The 8102: Gear items.

Find the Gear Blueprint Burn here

Burn Blueprints

The three pillars of winning this war



Defense & offense. Base construction & supply lines. Troops & resources - this will be a hell of a challenge, but we're gonna make it!

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Our enemy knew us inside out while we were clueless. We've analyzed all the data, and now got an idea what is behind all of this!

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Military Power

We've gained a lot of knowledge of our enemy, but we're lacking the numbers to really stand a chance. But Gerry found a solution!

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