Military Power

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master."

— Christian Lous Lange

T-LAW blueprint

To be honest, we really got hit hard on this one and this might as well be the end of us all. But we wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for the brilliance, dedication and determination of a few.

We promise you, we are not done yet because Gerry found a way to fight back... Find out more »

The 8102 Burning City

Turn your enemy into a friend!

The 8102: Gerry analyses T-LAW (PDF, ~17.5 MB)
A couple of weeks ago we managed to capture one of those killing machines. It was highly damaged, but mostly intact. Gerry immediately got to work.

Analysis of the hardware packed within the armored body pretty much confirmed our suspicion: cutting-edge computer chips and sensory modules, a tiny, but powerful fusion reactor and loads of hidden tools and weapons - the Super AI must have had access to research labs working at the forefront of robotics, microchips and military tech. And it must have taken over various advanced factories around the world in order to produce those things.

After lots of trial and error, Gerry managed to break into the operating system of the creature and confirmed our worst fears: it is acting fully autonomous based on a prioritized set of rules that can only be updated from a specific, verified entity.

Therefore, we've classified the creatures as Lethal Autonomous Weapons of the Tarantula class (T-LAWs), the latter due to its spider-like form.

Gerry continued to investigate and finally cracked the code. By running a set of commands we're now able to force T-LAWs within the proximity of our signal into updating its internal list of trusted entities to inject a new entity. After that, we can simply override the prioritized set of rules using the signature of the injected entity.
If we've just lost you, here's the short version: We have a way to take control of T-LAWs. It will most likely work only once because the Super AI will close that glaring security hole immediately.

But with our backs against the wall, we don't have another choice...

About The 8102: T-LAWs & Genesis Blueprints

The 8102: Genesis Blueprint Blueprints will play a big role in the future of The 8102. They can be found by The 8102: T-LAW owners as mission rewards and burned to receive new LAWs.

The 8102: Genesis Blueprints are special and are the only way to mint The 8102: T-LAWs.

They are ERC-1155 tokens and there will only ever be 8,102 Genesis Blueprints that can be minted for 0.08 ETH per blueprint. The 8102: T-LAWs The 8102: T-LAWs are the main fighting force in The 8102. They are ERC-721 tokens that can only be minted by burning a The 8102: Genesis Blueprint. Only 8,102 will ever exist in the genesis collection.

Players will be able to use T-LAWs to build squads and send them on missions to receive experience points (XP), resources, in-game currency and/or blueprints.

While XP will be used to level-up and increase the fighting capabilities of T-LAWs, resources are utilized for base building which will unlock higher-tier buildings, new missions, and new regions to conquer.

The three pillars of winning this war



Defense & offense. Base construction & supply lines. Troops & resources - this will be a hell of a challenge, but we're gonna make it!

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Our enemy knew us inside out while we were clueless. We've analyzed all the data, and now got an idea what is behind all of this!

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Military Power

We've gained a lot of knowledge of our enemy, but we're lacking the numbers to really stand a chance. But Gerry found a solution!

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