"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

— Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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It was clear from the beginning that the aggressor had to be deeply familiar with human civilization: the way the first strike was executed and - I’m almost inclined to call it - “promoted” all over the globe via social media networks, the targets that were hit in the aftermath, the timing and precision of those strikes, and how the attackers actually looked like…

A foreign country? Impossible. Aliens? Highly unlikely. That leaves only one scenario... Find out more »

A Rogue Super Artificial Intelligence

The 8102: Comic #0 Promo (PDF, ~17.5 MB)
Here's what happened and why we're positive that we're dealing with a Super AI. On September 3, 2037 at 18:20 local time the following happened: 5 unknown mechanical creatures landed in the vicinity of the White House in Washington DC.

Present troops didn't stand a chance and got wiped out instantly. The White House got destroyed, no one survived - including the President of the United States, large parts of the administration, and several generals of the highest rank in the US Army.

Why we know that? Because we got it on f*cking camera! Strangely, tourists in the area were not attacked and could film everything. Those videos spread like wildfire on social media.

But the US was not alone: at the same time similar attacks were reported from Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Paris - right down the top list of the most powerful countries on this planet.
Clue No. 1: Global coordinated attack with maximum visibility leveraging social media networks
The 8102: Comic #0 Promo Shortly after the first strike that took off the head of basically each government around the world, everyone was glued to their phones trying to make sense of what has happened.

Suddenly, every social media network, all websites, everything that was connected to the internet stopped working and displayed only one word: END.

We collectively freaked out. Even more so after the big darkness came over us: the power grid went down, and the internet with it.
Clue No. 2: Everything hacked, communication and power outages on global scale
The 8102: Comic #0 Promo We will spare you the horrid details of what came next. Instead, let us focus on what we know about the attackers. They are mechanical in nature, armed with cutting edge weaponry, and look like something out of a horror movie: spiders - tarantulas to be precise.

And this makes sense, if you think about it. Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias - so why not model your foot soldiers in the image of a thing that makes the skin of your enemies crawl?

In addition to that, this form is able to move fast on any terrain and due to a broad variety of weapons absolutely deadly in most combat situations.
Clue No. 3: Spider-like, mechanical killing machines that act independent locally, yet coordinated high-level
All these clues point to one result: a Super AI infiltrated the core systems on which modern society is built on, analyzed us, mass-produced Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) and finally decided that it's time to wipe humans off the face of the Earth.

The 8102: Comic #0
is only the beginning!

The 8102: <span class="whitespace-nowrap">Comic #0</span> Story-telling is one of the cornerstones of The 8102 project.

While The 8102: Comic #0 gives an introduction to the Super AI and it's forces, it can be seen as a small glimpse into how we want to tell stories. Comics and other forms of media will be a constant companion of the upcoming game and will depict a variety of stories from the dystopian The 8102 universe.

This is why The 8102: Comic #0 comes with an ERC-1155 token that will allow holders to benefit from future releases.

What you can do with your Comic #0

The 8102: Comic #0 is a very special token in our ecosystem: you can either hold it in order to receive future story content, or burn it to receive one Guild Founders' Token of your choosing.

Content Subscription

Action: Hold it

By holding The 8102: Comic #0 you will receive all future story expansions from The 8102 universe. This can be comics, tokens that unlock additional in-game content, artworks and other forms of media.

Guild Membership

Action: Burn it

For a short period of time you will be able to burn it for a Guild Founders' Token - a membership token in one of our four guilds. Each guild will control a central element in our game: unique buildings can be constructed that unlock specific functions for all players to use. The collected fees of these buildings are distributed to all members of a guild based on their share. Read more »

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The three pillars of winning this war



Defense & offense. Base construction & supply lines. Troops & resources - this will be a hell of a challenge, but we're gonna make it!

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Our enemy knew us inside out while we were clueless. We've analyzed all the data, and now got an idea what is behind all of this!

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Military Power

We've gained a lot of knowledge of our enemy, but we're lacking the numbers to really stand a chance. But Gerry found a solution!

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