"Logistics comprises the means and arrangements which work out the plans of strategy and tactics. Strategy decides where to act; logistics brings the troops to this point."

β€” Antoine-Henri Jomini

Slowly the shock of everything that happened is wearing off. We have to pull it together and start thinking about the future. Great challenges lie ahead of us: we have to secure our base, construct buildings and outposts, and set up supply routes to move resources and troops.

But this will require a lot of helping hands… Find out more »

The 8102 Special Place

Welcome to our Special Place!

It is time now to let you in on a little secret: I, Gerry, Ape #8102 of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, am not the founder of The Order of the Golden Yacht.

The Order is very old, almost ancient and goes back to the year 1208. It has always been extremely secretive, but it can count history's smartest and wealthiest individuals as its members.

Revealing all of The Order's feats and inner secrets is a story for another day. For now, lets just acknowledge that wealth, power and technological advancement always stood at the center of The Order's plans.

That being said, let us fast-forward to the year of 1820 to meet our special place [REDACTED], an island The Order acquired from the British Empire. It's located deep within the area known as the Devils Triangle, a place that - thanks to some small contributions here and there - is shrouded in mystery and does not appear on any maps to this day.

But it does exist and now became humanity's safe harbor, a base of operations that is unknown to the rest of the world - including our enemy.
But just having a place to stay is not enough. We can't support that many people for long here, so we need to go into the offense, reclaim territories, acquire resources to rebuild and expand, find and take in more survivors, set up supply routes - the list is long...

Therefore, lets start simple... by hooking you up with a yacht! β›΅ 🚀

Why are The 8102: Yachts so important?

They are the backbone of the transportation system in the world of The 8102 - fire teams are incomplete without a yacht! Also, yachts enable you to collect more rewards, which means more in-game currency in our airdrop.

And they look amazing, don't they? :)

How many yachts do I need?

A complete fire team consists of 1 yacht, 3 combatants & 3 gear items

So the question comes down to how many PFPs you hold and how many fire teams you want to build.

We suggest to start with 3 yachts.

The mint price for yachts is 0.025 ETH - and they come with many benefits.
  • Build more than 3 fire teams in The 8102: Prologue (more allocation points)
  • Benefit from auto-chartering your yachts to non-yacht holders (earning additional allocation points)
  • Participate in holder-only regattas

About rewards

The more missions you play, and the more often your yachts are rented out, the higher your allocation of our in-game currency airdrop.

Sounds good? Start by minting a brand-new yacht below!

About The 8102: Yachts

The 8102: Yachts The 8102: Yachts are 3,000 ERC-721 tokens that will play a crucial part in The 8102 game: they will be the backbone of the transportation system, and effectively will bring resources and troops where they are needed the most.

Players will be able to use yachts they own themselves in order to travel in-game for free, but they can also decide to rent out their yachts in order to earn in-game tokens without actively playing the game.

Benefits for holding The 8102: Yachts

β—† The 8102: Comic #0 Airdrop
β—† Participate in The 8102: Regatta
β—† Whitelisted for The 8102: Genesis Blueprint
β—† Travel for free in The 8102 game
β—† Exclusive access to Yacht-specific missions
β—† Earn in-game tokens by renting out yachts

The three pillars of winning this war



Defense & offense. Base construction & supply lines. Troops & resources - this will be a hell of a challenge, but we're gonna make it!

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Our enemy knew us inside out while we were clueless. We've analyzed all the data, and now got an idea what is behind all of this!

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Military Power

We've gained a lot of knowledge of our enemy, but we're lacking the numbers to really stand a chance. But Gerry found a solution!

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